Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle – Come On, Drive! Song Lyrics

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle -Come On, Drive! Song Lyrics: A new ad of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle has been released in August 2017 In France. The title of the AD is “Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: Come On, Drive!”. The Ad was launched by BBDO Paris, Boulogne Billancourt advertising company & produced by BBDO Paris whereas the direction has given  by Olivier Abbou.


Do you copy? Strker, do you copy?
Back up! Back up!
Back up! Now! Now!
Are you ok? We have to get out of here!
The snipr must be on the roof.
I’m gonna head for that car and you’ll cover me, ok?
Spray anything that moves.
See you buddy.

Not everyone can team up with rabbit.

Rock n roll.
It’s all for rock n’ roll.


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