Tanishq Mirayah Ad Song Lyrics-Happy Birthday

Tanishq Mirayah Ad Song Lyrics-Happy Birthday: (Tanishq Mirayah encourages to enjoy life ) Here we are with one more Advertisment “Birthday Celebration with Tanishq”. Tanishq has presented a new TV Ad  i.e  “Tanishq Mirayah” with “Happy Birthday” song. This ad begins with celebration of a birthday girl -Anjali. who has completed 40 years of her life. Birthday girl’s friends have fun at Birthday Party & then they remember some of the moments that they have spent in their college life. This song is a very lovely & mesmerizing.

 Tanishq Mirayah Ad Song Lyrics:

Anjali this one is from us to you,
We’re 40 and so are you
College se we jhelloed you,
Jabse crushes the roz new new
aur waist size tha 22
Style queen, party maniac, total psycho
you thought you were living the dream
fir aa gaya Naveen
fir bacche, career, basically life happened
but husband is now well trained
and kids are all grown up too
and you are the boss at work
you can do what you wanna do
so back to being crazy,
no deadlines, no guilt,
welcome to the most colourful part of your life
(gifts her Tanishq Mirayah)
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to you


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